My photographic approach explores the relations between colours, textures and the unique characteristics of people and spaces.

In an image saturated era, I believe that photographic images can encourage more richer, and detailed deliberations about how people are bound together.

I am a trained process sociologist. My photographic approach is informed by a background in International Relations and Sociology, in particular my PhD from Aberystwyth University in Wales. You can find out more about my research here and here. You can also read a brief outline of process sociology here.

The images I make explore the overlapping ecological relations between people and the environment, sociological relations between people and their groups, and the psychological relations that characterise the unique, personal features of whoever I photograph.

Photography as a medium of expression encompasses technological, sociological and psychological processes. Photographic images can contribute to understanding how people think, feel and act overtime, across the three dimensions of space, the fourth dimension of time and the fifth dimension of experience.

My portraits and street photography try to refocus attention on the nuanced webs of overlapping, interweaving relationships and processes that have come to illuminate human societies.
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